Virtual Tours

By definition, a virtual tour is a realistic representation of reality. Our tours allow you to experience our magnificent Uganda when time, money and logistics, especially in this COVID-19 era, might not permit physical presence. The wonderful reality is that our virtual tours are accessible to all anywhere in the world and can also be tailored to your needs and interests.

To go on a virtual tour, all you need is an internet connection, access to Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, and a computer (it provides a much better viewing experience than the phone).  

Our virtual tours are educational, entertaining, and they will leave you with that warm and happy feeling that Uganda tends to leave on all who visit. They are also affordable, and pricing is flexible depending on the type of entity and the number of participants.

Virtual Tour of Kampala

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Kampala is the heartbeat of Uganda, and the virtual tour of the city gives you the feel, sights, sounds and tastes of the city while introducing you to its rich cultural, religious, colonial and political histories. The tour is 1 hour long.

$15 per person (above 12yrs)
$10 per person (6-12yrs)
Free for children below 6yrs
We require a minimum of $60 per tour

East African nationals:
Ugx 20,000 per person (above 12yrs)
Ugx 10,000 per person (6-12yrs)
Free for children below 6yrs
We require a minimum of Ugx 80,000 per tour

Note: Educators and group leaders, we provide a free preview of the tour to help you determine whether it is suitable for your audience.  Rates are negotiable for education institutions and groups of more than 20 people.

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