Who we are

We are a tailor-made tourism company that works with clients to offer them authentic experiences exploring the beauty, cultures, and people of Uganda. Uganda is a land of incredible natural beauty; home to the source of the Nile, tree-climbing lions, mountain gorillas, amazing food varieties, immensely rich and diverse cultures, music and dances, and most alluring, the friendliest people in the entire world.

Agnes Kasule: A culture enthusiast and a lover of people, she provides overall leadership, and builds and nurtures relationships with clients. Agnes has studied and lived in the US, and has traveled to China, Germany, Denmark, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, and the UK. She holds a degree in International Relations from Boston College.​

Gadafi Ssali: An explorer and lover of nature, he ensures we create the perfect experiences for every client. Gadafi has extensively explored Uganda and has traveled to Kenya, Rwanda, China, India, and Nigeria. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Tourism.

Peace Christine Mulekatete

With an outgoing and adventurous personality, Peace is always ready for any excursion. Her sense of humor and free-spirit enable her to connect with people from all walks of life. While she’s not up and about sharing the best of Uganda, Peace manages our day-to-day logics and social media platforms. She has traveled extensively in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Peace holds an associate’s degree in Procurement and Logistics from Uganda Christian University.